Ultrasound on my Left Saline Implant is Showing That the Implant Has a Lump and Not the Surrounding Tissue?

I recently felt a lump located at the top of my left breast, above saline implant. It was hard & protruding thru the breast tissue. The ultrasound showed that there was a lump at the top of the implant. The doctor advised me that this was not a tumor, but that the lump was part of the implant itself. My family doctor stated that it was like holding a balloon in your hand, as you squeeze, parts of the balloon will escape between the fingers and bulge out. Is the implant defected? is this covered?

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Breast Lump and Implants

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   Although an ultrasound is a start, a comprehensive exam by a breast surgeon with additional imaging may be needed.  Kenneth Hughes, MD breast implants Los Angeles, CA

Ultrasound of Saline Implant

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Other x-rays are likely to help clarify what is ion your breast. I suggest you follow up with a breast surgeon to entirely evaluate your situation.

Implant and breast lump?

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If you have a specific breast lump that is not the implant, then I suggest you see a breast surgeon to be properly evaluated.  Good luck.

Lump above Breast Implant

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Have you had a mammagram?  My advice would be to see a Breast Surgeon for an evaluation.  Don't wait on this.  Be sure you take your records with you to the appointment.

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