Difference Between UltraShape and Ultrasound Massager?

Both UltraShape and Ultrasound massager have the same Power: 8 Watts, Frequency/penetration: 1 Mhz, adjustable intensities. What is the difference between them?

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UltraShape with focused ultrasound actually ruptures the fat cell membrane and the fat is released and then used up as energy.  The fat cells are permanently removed, not just compressed.

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HIFU vs ultrasound massage

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I am not sure that the energy setting and frequency are the same but that isn't the critical difference between HIFU and ultrasound massage. For HIFU (Ultrashape, Liposonix) the treatment head is at a fixed position delivering a preset dose of energy focused to a specific point in the tissue for a specific effect; with ultrasound massage, the energy isn't focused to a specific point but diffused through the tissue. So with the latter, all you get is warming, with the former, you get a quanifiable effect on the tissue. It's like taking a flashlight beam, which can provide diffuse light over a broad area, versus a laser of the same energy but focused to a single point.

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