Ultimate Breast Lift - The Proper Technical Name to This Type of Mastopexy? (photo)

What is the proper technical name for this type of mastopexy and who originally taught this procedure? I remember running across some older professional literature for a similar procedure to the "ultimate" breast lift. I have some asymmetry and my breasts drop below the inframammary fold where an incision would be. Not horrible, but needing a fix. I would like to know more about this internal suturing and internal sling before moving forward. Respond, if you do this procedure, Thanks.

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Ultimate breast lift

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The ultimate breast lift is a technique that used an around the nipple scar and an inframammary scar to lift the breast and support the repair with internal sutures rather than a vertical scar to prevent relapse. We hear very little about the technique today and the vertical pattern lift is probably a better option.

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The Ultimate Breast Lift

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The word "ultimate " is defined as "the best achievable or imaginable of its kind."  

To me, this is an unfortunate and irresponsible use of a word that simply describes an operation to lift the breasts without the use of a vertical scar. 

Like any other technique (and there are at least 10 major ones that have been described) much of the result is going to depend on your degree of sagging and the quality of your skin and breast tissue.  Your surgeon's skill and experience are of course paramount as well.

The reason so many noted doctors have developed procedures is because there is in fact no "ultimate" operation that is the best.  ALL breast lift procedures are going to suffer from lack of upper pole fullness and re-sagging over time.  The use of synthetic mesh in the breast is one way to try and prevent this.

See a experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, look over their photos, and decide which surgeon and procedure is best for you. 

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Ultimate Breast Lift

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Thanks for your question.

Dr. Gary Horndeski devised the the Ultimate Breast Lift.  I am the first surgeon he has taught this procedure to.  I am truly amazed by what he has accomplished and it is truly unlike no other technique that I am aware of.  Sutures or slings cannot accomplish the degree of lift that is provided by his technique.


Shim Ching, MD

Shim Ching, MD
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The best mastopexy for you - it depends

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As with most comments to your question, I think a predominately vertical mastopexy is your best choice based on the photos. There is, in fact, no such thing as a novel or unique "ultimate breast lift", but there are merely variations of vertical, horizontal, t-shaped, and periareolar techniques. The longevity of any technique has more to do with your breast tissue quality (firmer tissue = better lasting result) then any one variation. The idea that there is any maneuver or  "internal bra" with your own tissue that will predictably produce better results has largely been discredited when surgeons come together, present results, and speak frankly on the matter.


I perform all of these kinds of procedures in my practice for various needs, and generally speaking I think the projection from the vertical techniques +/- a short j-shape is the best in most instances

Breast lift

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I don't know of anyone performing this type of lift becuase usually the vertical lift is a better option and the vertical lift is usually done with internal sutures to help maintain the lift over the long term. A vertical lift can also help control the asymmetry by allowing a small reduction on the right side.

W. John Bull, MD
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Ultimate breast lift

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This term is just spin.  The best procedure for your anatomy would be a vertical mastopexy leaving you with a lollipop scar.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

Another gimmick name for a breast lift

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I swear, there are more gimmicky names for procedures than there are plastic surgeons.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE ULTIMATE BREAST LIFT!  There, I said it.  In looking at your photos you are a good candidate for a breast lift.  I would use a vertical and periareolar incision and use a core of your own breast tissue to auto-augment the upper pole.  See several doctors before you make your decision on surgery.

Ultimate breast lift

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I have not heard of the "ultimate breast lift."  But, it sounds like a marketing tool.  The best breast lift is often a bit different for each individual.  Some require incisions around the border of the areola, some extend like a lollipop going down to the fold in a vertical fashion, and others require a full incision along the inframammary fold.

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Ultimate Breast Lift - The Proper Technical Name to This Type of Mastopexy? (photo)

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The ultimate breast lift is a term given to a procedure that eliminates the vertical incision  in a breast lift procedure.

It replaces it with an infra-mammary and circum-areolar incision.

The internal lifting that is described is used in other breast lift procedures as well

I often use   internal sling and reinforce it with an absorbable  mesh

The breast lift is done with a circum-areolar incision or an added vertical incision with no infra-mammary incision, and can be combined with breast implants if necessary

Hilton Becker, MD
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Beware of silly marketing terms for well established breast lift procedures

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'The Ultimate Breast Lift' is a marketing term - nothing technically unique or proprietary about it. If you were my patient, I would address your sagging and asymmetric nipple and breast position with a vertical mastopexy and small reduction. Very straightforward, safe and long-lasting mastopexy technique.

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