Ultherapy Costs?

When I went for consultation, the told me that I need to do extra lines which cost extra. Is it true that I have an option of it or they just want to get extra money from me for doing extra lines?

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Ultherapy costs

Standard treatment regimens follow an algorithm on the monitor of the device - however, there are individuals who need more lines of treatment and for that treatment is individualized and more treatment lines may cost more. In offices like ours where we do a large # of patients, we 'average out' the cost so that some people get less lines, others more, but the average cost is the same for every patient - except in special circumstances. 

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Ultherapy cost may differ depending on the number of lines

different doctors do Ultherapy differently and the more extensive costs more. Yes, the number of lines creates a greater expense, no doubt.  600 vs. 1200 lines makes a big differenece int he time of treatment, cost of the treatment and the expected outcome.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Ultherapy costs

Yes, Ultherapy costs are usually calculated according to the amount of lines that are used.  The typical face allows us to give prices for areas because we know around how many lines will be used for that area, but sometimes many extra lines need to be used and requires an extra cost.  My office typically does not "upsell" lines however and we use the recommended amount of lines suggested by the current Ultherapy protocols.  The handpiece used to deliver each line has a set cost and a set number of lines it can fire, so we know exactly how much each line costs us to fire.  I would shop around since some offices are certainly more expensive than others for the same amount of lines.

Lee P. Laris, DO
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