I Had Ultherapy to Upper Face Few Days Ago- Left Eyebrow Lifting More Than the Right. Will I Need Another Session?

I am newly 40 y/o female. I did have a small welt appear above the right eyebrow that is gone now. Reading these past answers I saw mentioned that the welts have to do with the pulse being too superficial? Is this why the right side is not keeping up with the left? My doc did use local injections and I did still feel the zaps to varying degrees so this must mean some tx did get through. I didn't ask the doc about subsequent touchups. Thank You for any suggestions and/or encouragement.

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Ultherapy on forehead lifting

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Many patients are different on one side from the other on their face, whether the eyebrow position, eyelid height, eyelid crease, shape of nostril, earlobe position, etc.  AFter therapy with any treatment it is not unusual to see a difference that had preexisted but was not noticed.  Many people do have different tone in their forehead muscle as they tend to lift one eyebrow more than the other.  Some people admit to not being able to raise one eyebrow as high as the other when they try to raise only one at a time.  This difference in anatomy can be highlighted by therapies that tighten the forehead.  It definitely takes time to get your good response from Ulthera so don't rush it, but if there is a significant difference at rest with the eyebrow positions, you can ask your doctor to consider Botox on one side to relax the higher area. Speak to them first, however, about the risks and disadvantages vs. just allowing your body the time to naturally equilibrate and if it doesn't then you can consider the Botox treatment. If the number of lines of Ulthera were the same then chances are that the different sides of the forehead will react the same.  A welt does not mean that all the energy didn't penetrate to the desired depth.

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Ultherapy for the eyebrows is FDA cleared - Williamsville Buffalo Niagara NY

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Thank you for posting this questions as it helps guide patients regarding outcomes following Ultherapy for the eyebrow lift. 

Ultherapy is a great FDA cleared non surgical modality for the eyebrow lift. If you got similar numbers of treatment lines for each eyebrow and there was no difference between the brows before the procedure, the outcomes should be the same in 2-3 months and nearly certainly at 6 months. 

Read the Ultherapy book we have written. 

Dr. Karamanoukian

Eyebrow lift from Ultherapy

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1.  It is too early post-Ultherapy to determine if you need another treatment.  Some patients do benefit from a second treatment depending on their skin laxity.

2.  If your eyebrows started out even, and the forehead skin was treated with an equal number of pulses on each side, then  your eyebrows will be equal.  It would be very unlikely to have one eyebrow correct greater than another.

3.  The zaps that you feel post-forehead treatment are normal for some patients, and will usually resolve by the end of the first week. 

4.  It is great to get Ultherapy in your early 40's - you should get great results.



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