Is Ultherapy Safe with Dental Implants?

I am 50 years old woman, had gold threads implanted in my cheaks 11 years ago. Teeth implants also. Can I consider Ultherapy and is it worth just having it done on upper face ( forehead and eyes)? I also have fillers of hyraulonic acid done once or twice a year.

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Ultherapy and dental implants

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Non-surgical cosmetic procedures performed on the face in very rare situations can interfere with dental intra-oral implants. Dental implants are usually very stable after 2-3 months of initial healing. First 4-6 weeks after original surgical placement is the critical time when we recommend the patients be extremely careful with occlusal pressure as it may disrupt the process of osseointegration (bone forming around implant). Cosmetic rejuvenation procedures on the face can be considered after the dental implants are completely healed, preferably restored. Ultherapy is not going to affect the condition of the dental implants after they are completely integrated. You should consult with your specialist regarding the areas for Ultherapy treatment. 

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