Ultherapy and Micro Droplet Silicone Injections?

Have there been any complications or issues performing ultherapy on patients who've received medical grade silicone as a filler? Over the years I have jad a fair amount of silicone for acne scarring. Does ultherapy pose a risk in any way? I'm specifically concerned about whether it's possible to burn the patient from heating up the silicone during ultherapy given the high temperatures used. I've had both Fraxel and Co2 treatments done (at different times) with no ill effect.

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Micro Droplet Silicone Injections and Ultherapy - not recommended

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I don't recommend that you have Ultherapy if you have had silicone injections in your face. I think that it could cause you harm. 

It is highly likely that silicone 'droplets' will be visualized on the B mode ultrasound images during Ultherapy. 

Read the Ultherapy book provided on the link below. 

Ultherapy has not been tested over silicone injections

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although the 4.5 and 3mm. deep transducers of Ultherapy targets a plane deeper than the silicone droplets that were injected the 1.5mm. transducer may create a fair amount of heat in the area of the silicone. As we are not sure what damage, if any, could be created, I would not suggest the Ultherapy for you, especially not having examined you in person. The Fraxel and CO2 lasers, interestingly do affect the laser of silicone and you don't mention there was any harm. See your doctor to evaluate your particular condition.

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Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Yes ultherapy uses ultrasound to heat the fascial and deep dermal layers of the skin. I would advise you not to do ultherapy with your history of silicone injections. They could become heated and do damage to the skin

Joseph A. Russo, MD
Newton Plastic Surgeon
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