Ultherapy After Aptos Thread Placement?

Can Ultherapy be used on patients who have head a threadlift using Aptos Threads?

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Ultherapy after an Aptos threadlift

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B.Sue: Great question!  I took the Aptos threadlift course and did two cases, prior to abandoning the technique as the fillers for midface rejuvenation were introduced and proved their efficacy and safety.  Ultherapy is FDA approved and well suited for lower third (mandibular jowls & neck) and upper third (droopy lateral brow) rejuvenation, which were zones which were never well addressed by the Aptos threadlifts.  If you had an Aptos threadlift, verify with your PS how they were placed (depth and vector).  The Aptos threads were barbed sutures, whose barbs were produced by laser cuts along the main core of the suture.  Thus it's always possible that Ultherapy (MFU) could cause attritional failure of the suture. Hope this helps.:)

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