Ulthera: Does some skin aging become "suspended in time" starting 3 months after the procedure?

Let's say that Ultherapy lasts for 2 years and the benefits are acceptable to the patient. After 2 years time when Ulthera benefits end, will a full 2 years of wrinkles, etc., return at that time (due to the normal aging cycle)?

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Ulthera and facelifts turn back the clock

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All procedures that rejuvenate for a more youthful look, including Ultherapy and facelift surgery, sort of turn back the aging clock but don't stop it. So if for example you took two years off your appearance, then in two years you would look like you do today instead of two years older by doing nothing. It is important to understand what each procedure does however; for example, Ultherapy is more for lifting than for fine surface wrinkles.

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You will 'age out of the treatment' after Ultherapy

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Realistically, you 'will age out of the procedure', meaning that as time go on, the effect will go away as you develop more skin laxity - skin laxity is a product of aging - so, it will retard the process and you will start back from where you started (hopefully) before you got the treatment. Since Ultherapy has been around for 4 years or so in the U.S., we are seeing patients that are coming back for 'touch up' procedures, or as they call it, "maintenance Ultherapy treatments".  Read the Ultherapy book provided on the link below. 

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