Can Ulthera or Pelleve damage cheekbone fat?

I recently had 2 pelleve treatments and one Ulthera treatment. I wish I had never done this, my previously High cheekbones now appear low and flattened, while the lower cheek has become incredibly fuller, creating a wider face with lower cheekbones. This change is not subtle, but very noticeable. I only treated the orbital and upper cheekbone area with Ulthera and Pelleve. How can an area of the cheek not treated appear larger and the area treated appear flatter and less plump? Looks scary!

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Change in position of fat with Ulthera?

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Thus is really strange. Do you have photos? Perhaps the Ulthera, by tightening fascia or ligaments, tightened muscular connections and somehow shifted the placement of the muscle?

Is it getting better?

your ohysician should discuss this with the makers of the devices.

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Ultherapy for the face

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We have used Ultherapy for quite some time and have had excellent short and longterm results with minimal effect on the fatty tissue of the face.  An excellent choice for non surgical face lifting. 


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