Ulthera After Artefill Injections, How Long Do I Have to Wait?

I just had Artefill 5 viles in the past 2-8 weeks, will Ulthera disolve the spheres or the filler results. How long do I have to wait before I use Ulthera with Artefill

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Ultherapy and artefil fillers

No one can provide an accurate answer as the effect of ultherapy on fillers is still being investgated. Does the filler become altered in any way to increase an immune reaction to the Artefill or does Ultherapy hasten the disappearance of the filler? As there is a possibility of hard lumps forming after Artefill without Ultherapy, I would not recommend taking a chance to have Artefill and ultherapy unless the area of treatment is not the same as where the Artefill is injected. In fact, often fillers are injected in smile folds and marionette lines where Ultherapy is not done.

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