I'm Training in Boxing but I Have Nasal Deviation and Sinusitis and Doctor Recommends Me to Have a Surgery. What Should I Do?

Hello all. I am 22 years old Male from Mongolia. I can not breath by nose freely longer than 2 minutes but I can breathe through mouth with no difficulty. After about 1 minutes of breathing with my nose it (one side of my nose) starts to produce watery discharge and makes it impossible to breathe only through nose. Doctor told me that I have a little nasal septum deviation and it is the cause of the problem and suggests me to have a surgery. What should I do? I do want to box so badly...

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Boxing & Septal Surgery

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If you want to box, you shouldn't have the surgery. The trauma from being frequently punched in the nose and face could significantly damage your septal cartilage as well as you nasal bones. Consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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