Solution for nose, but not rhinoplasty?

i'd like to know if there is any solution for nose else than surgery.. for hiding or removing the bone on the nose... and how much it will stay... thanx

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Liquid rhinoplasty

Sasha, without pictures it is hard to say what can and can't be done.  That being said, a liquid rhinoplasty can help camouflage the "bump" on the nose, can help straighten a nose, and can also help give more definition to a nasal tip.  Your best bet is seeing doctors in your area who are comfortable with these techniques as they can dramatically change your appearance instantly.  In regards to how long this will stay - it depends on the product used.  I find that patients may need a slight touch up at 9 months, and then maybe a year afterwards.  People respond differently to hyaluronic acid products, but that is average.  Best of luck!

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