Two weeks after breast augmentation with anatomic implants. Do I have bottoming out on my left breast? (Photos)

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Bottoming out after textured shaped implants

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are almost unheard of.  You do have an asymmetry of your nipples but was this pre-existing?  It appears you folds are level but your upper poles not equally full and suggests the implants were placed for level folds.  You should ask your surgeon about your results and focus on healing.  In the mean time, your surgeon can be thinking of ways to help improve symmetry if it doesn't improve adequately.

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Is My Left Breast Bottoming Out?

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Wow, what a great question.  The definition of bottoming out is when the implants are so low that the nipples become high and literally peek-a-boo outside the top of a bra.  This, of course, creates an embarrassing situation.  It would be very helpful if we had a pre-operative picture of what your breasts looked like so that your online RealSelf experts would be able to see if you had a pre-existing long distance from your inframammary folds to the top of your nipples.  

The fact that your plastic surgeon used anatomic implants which have a greater fullness below the nipple than above cannot be faulted since round implants, which are partially subpectoral, gain the same anatomic configuation over time.  It appears that the inframammary incision was made in the pre-existing fold, and if so, that also indicates you had a pre-existing longer than normal inframammary fold to nipple distance.  

All the above mumbo jumbo means, I don't think your surgeon created your borderline apparently highly positioned nipples but rather it is my best guess that your pre-operative anatomy is guilty for the post-augmentation appearance.  This, of course, is a supposition based on only two pictures.  I highly recommend you go back and discuss this with your personal plastic surgeon.  

Two weeks after breast augmentation with anatomic implants. Do I have bottoming out on my left breast?

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Thank you for your question.  I do not see evidence of bottoming out of your breast implants.  We are still early in recovery.  I suggest that she see her plastic surgeon for an in person examination.  If there is concern about bottoming out your surgeon can tape the inframammary crease and heavy wear an underwire bra which will help establish the inframammary crease.

Do I have bottoming out on my left breast?

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 Although I can understand your concerns, I would not classify your breast implant as "bottomed out". Of course, it will take several more months before you see the final outcome of the procedure. Best wishes for an outcome that you will be pleased with long-term.

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