What is the columella retraction suture (in revision rhinoplasty)?

This procedure was suggested along with several other manoeuvres to correct an overshortened nose and one in which the primary surgeon stitched the base of the columella to the philtrum at a strange angle. My question is - have you heard of this or performed it? The surgeon in question is an eminent professor on the field of rhinoplasty but he says it is new, he's only been doing it for two years

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Columella Retraction

Personally I have not heard the term "columella retraction suture".  However surgeons frequently develop new ideas or modify existing techniques to improve patient outcomes. They may work with these techniques for some time before they formally name them or present them as a "new idea" to their colleagues. Since your nose is overshortened, it is likely that the "columella retraction suture" is being used to resist the natural tendency of the columella to re-retract following revision surgery.  If you are otherwise satisfied with your consultation and have confidence in your surgeon, I would not let this surgical detail influence your decision. If you have concerns, I would ask for clarification from your doctor. Best wishes.

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