Can revision surgery correct asymmetries to my lower/mid face following botched surgery in LA in 2005? (Photo)

I had facial surgery including lower/mid face lift, rhinoplasty and a chin implant. Following surgery I had a right facial haematoma, which was painfully drained off. I had severe bruising/swelling and as this abated I became aware of asymmetries to my lower and mid face (philtrum deviated to the right and my mouth was also affected). In addition the chin implant did not seem to make any difference and did not give me the projection desired. What surgery, if any, would correct these asymmetries?

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Dear DeanM286, You would be best served seeking consultations with some experts in the field to discuss your concerns at length. The photographs are to far away to see any real detail in them and an evaluation should be made in person to determine what facial rejuvenation would be most beneficial to you to balance your facial aesthetics. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Revision facial surgery

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It is very hard to comment on outcome of your surgery and give you meaningful opinion based on your photos; they are lacking details (close up) for good evaluation. It would be in your best interest to forget what happened in your first surgery and consider next step. Consultation with a recognized, board certified plastic surgeon, (possibly 2 or 3 consults) will give you enough information to decide in which direction to go. Good luck.

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