Recovery time between two procedures?

I'm having an arm lift in March and a thigh lift 8 weeks later. Do you think this is enough recovery time between the two procedures ? I am a fit woman over 50 years old. Also, do you think I made the right decision not to have the two ops done at the same time? Many thanks.

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How much time between surgeries?

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Eight weeks should surely be enough time between surgeries. Most patients heal relatively quickly after a brachioplasty and are quite functional even after a week. Healing after a thigh lift takes somewhat longer. These procedures can safely be done together. It is largely a matter of personal choice of how you want to approach this. Healing from both procedures together can be quite a challenge.

Recovery time

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8 weeks is definitely enough time between procedures since you are not doing them at the same time. I think that the decision you made is completely up to you and your comfort. I usually encourage patients to do these procedures at the same time so they have one recovery period versus two. Generally it is also more cost effective when done together. 

Best wishes with your upcoming procedures!

Time between surgeries

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Congratulations on your upcoming procedures!  Yes, eight weeks between the surgeries should be adequate for you to recover from the first and be ready for the second.  
Having the two done separately isn't always the popular choice among patients, but is really a wise decision.  It allows your body a chance to heal from two lengthy surgeries. Best of luck!

Recovery time between 2 procedures

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First let me commend you on making the decision not to do both of these surgeries at 1 time! Although it may seem financially more sound, operating on all 4 limbs at one time can be quite incapacitating.

There are always exceptions, but for the most part, I wait about 3 months between surgical procedures. So 8 weeks is pretty close to that. The main factor is making sure that you are completely healed.

Good luck with your upcoming procedure!

Ankur Mehta MD

Arm lift followed 8 weeks later by thigh lift is a good plan!

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Surgically immobilizing both arms and thighs (not to mention comfortable sitting with sutures in your groin) at one operation is a recipe for failure or complication. Kudos to you for a good choice and to your surgeon for not pushing both at once.

8 weeks should be sufficient if all goes well, which is a reasonable expectation!

Cheers, and forge ahead! Dr. Tholen

Thigh lift following arm lift

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8 weeks should be adequate recovery time between the procedures.  Usually it is easier for you to stage the procedures since mobility after the procedures can be an issue.  A downside is that you now have two recovery periods instead on one.  Sometimes staged procedures can be more expensive as well.  

Arm lift and thigh lift

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Your recovery will be easier overall the way you have scheduled it with your two procedures separate. It is pretty difficult to get around for a couple of weeks when you have all 4 limbs out of commission. That said, 8 weeks should be sufficient time to allow your arms to heal prior to having your thigh lift surgery, however if you have any delayed wound healing issues with your arms, consider delaying your thigh lift surgery until you are completely healed from your brachioplasty.

Recovery time

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You made the right decision.  The recovery time for both procedures to be done at the same time would be a bit difficult. 

Russell Sassani, MD
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon
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Thank you for your question.
An 8 week recovery should be a sufficient amount of time for you to heal from the Brachioplasty and be ready for the next surgery.  As far as separating the two procedures, it is probably a good idea.  It would be difficult to get around when both arms and legs are bandaged.  Although there are patients who opt to have them done together, I think you made the right choice.  Give yourself time to heal and get ready for the next operation. Good luck.

Arm lift followed by thigh lift - 8 weeks enough for recovery

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Thank you for asking about your arm lift and thigh lift.

  • You were very wise to have two operations - the thigh lift has a difficult recovery
  • The two operations together might have made surgery too long to be safe.
  • Yes, 8 weeks should be enough for your recovery - but be sure your surgeon allows you flexibility to take more time between procedures in case you feel you need it.
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes.

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