Pain 6 years after Breast implants. Any suggestions?

I have had implants for 6 years but recently my left breast has been feeling strange almost like the implant is loose when walking down stairs and the standing and bending. I also get a pain across the implant from what I think is maybe the muscle? I had implants placed under the muscle. The implant feel very soft still, I had cui silicone implants.

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Always best to get things checked with your surgeon.

Hi Ema,  It could be that you have a general ache or pain which may not be related to the implants.  Implants can become uncomfortable over time, but this is usually associated with them becoming harder (capsular contracture) which doesn't sound like it is happening with you.It is always best to get things checked out when you have concerns about your breasts and it may be best to see your original surgeon in the first instance to check that all is well with your implants.  Good luck.

Implant Replacement?

Usually, you can expect your breast augmentation surgery to have long-lasting effects, unless implant deflation requires surgical replacement with a new implant. Nonetheless, the effects of aging and gravity will eventually alter the shape and size and shape of a woman’s breasts over time, and it sounds from your description as though some deflation or change has taken place. As a result, you may later elect to undergo a breast “lifting” to restore the more youthful shape, size, and firmness. So, it would likely be a good idea to see a local surgeon for a consultation as to what would be your best options to help with your desired results.

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