Best option for improving appearance of nasolabial folds in young patient?

I'm only a young patient, in my 20s, healthy weight. The large chubby appearance of my cheeks has led to deep nasolabial folds when I smile. Is the best answer to reducing the appearance of these folds (and hopefully make my cheeks look less chubby) fat removal from the cheek area or adding fillers?

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Best option for improving appearance of nasolabial folds in young patient = plastic surgery consultation #chubby cheeks

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Every body, including babies have nasolabial folds. 

In young patients the nasolabial folds could be more accentuated depending on different factors like chubby cheeks, lack of high cheek bone definition, restrusion of the maxilla ( small upper jaw bone) etc. Therefore, the pending on the cause(s) treamentes could be performed to improved. 

Patients interested in improving nasolabial folds should make a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specialized in plastic surgery procedures of the face

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