Mentor 'Tall' Anatomicals?

I have a narrow, skinny (boney, even) long, FLAT torso. I am 5'9 and nearly 120 pounds. (Bwd 12cm) I'm definitely going with the mentor cpg/anatomical but none of the doctors I've consulted with have suggested a 'tall' implant. Any thoughts on why not? I never asked about them at the time because I only now realised they existed! ... Also, not looking for much more than two cups improvement!!

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Find someone with more experience...

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Hello and thanks. You need to find a plastic surgeon with more experience in using shape breast implants. I like the TM+ which is the tall breast CPG in taller women and in those who desire a fuller upper pole. Most doctors using shape are just starting out and they usually start with MM or MM+ because these are easier to work from a surgical point of view. A recommendation for a specific implant and a certain style of shape will be based on your measurements and perhaps it is those measurements that are leading to a recommendation for a different style if shape implant rather than the TM+. I suggest you look at my photo gallery where you will see several hundred examples of shape implants, including TM+, and then you can determine what you like best. 
Good luck, Dr. ALDO

Why Not "Tall" Mentor CPG Implants? My Torso is Long and Narrow

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Good question, since you sound as if the tall implant would work well for you. However we have no pictures or measurements so we do not know the relationship of your lower breast border to the height of your chest up to the second rib. Some women have a longer or shorter distance there and the "longness" of the torso is from the waist up, not between the inframammary fold and the clavicle. However if you have a good 13 cm or so from the inframammary fold to the second rib, the full height or "tall" implant might give you more upper pole fullness and a more natural slope. The one problem I have found with the shape of the longer anatomica implants, however, is that they may give you too much of an upper pole curve that does not look natural, and it may be better to have the implant not go up so high than to have this occur. With regular gel implants, the upper pole can fall down and back a bit and this can give a more natural and forgiving upper pole if the implant is not too big. I have even had a patient request the removal of a CPG type implant because the upper pole had too prominent an elongated unnatural fullness.

Shaped implants

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come in so many different shapes and dimensions.  You should make it known that you want the tall style and let your surgeon help you choose the right volume.  If you only want a fixed volume to take you up 2 cups. your choices will be limited.  And do you want your breasts to move minimally and have less oomph in the upper pole with pushup bras?  If so, then the shaped implant is for you.

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