Had my breast augmentation on Thursday so I'm now 2 days post-op. Have some fairly significant bruising, is it normal? (Photos)

I have included a picture of the worst side, the other side is fairly similar, I'm wearing a sports bra and a strap.

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Significant bruising after breast augmentation

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Thanks for sharing and I empathize with your complaints.

Some bruising is expected following breast augmentation though the amount shown in your pictures is more than I would be happy with.

Most importantly though for a long as the breasts remain soft without excessive pain and increase in size then this should resolve - those findings would be concerning for a blood collection (hematoma) that would need to be drained.

I would definitely send the pics to your surgeon and keep him or her abreast of what's going on so you will be well taken care of.

Bruising after surgery

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is normal and as long as your breast mound is not changing in size, it should be self-resolving.  Change in mound size and appearance is the ONLY concern I have in the first week following an augmentation.  But you should let your surgeon know and allow him/her to provide you the reassurances you desire.

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