What happened to my face and what can I do? Uneven eye positions and eyelids. (photos)

I have noticed my asymetric face for more than 5 years, but the eyelids were being more uneven this year. When I pull my left eye lids up for a second, it will look different (pic 2), but reverse after I blink or look downward. I have developed snoring 3 years ago and have allergic rhinitis history. I used to sleep on my sides and rub my face on the pillow when sleep (more comfortable than sleep on my back). Can any of these contributed to my uneven eyes ? How can my eyes be corrected?

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Uneven eyes from asymmetric eyelid ptosis

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I believe you have left upper eyelid, with brow compensation. The ptosis is hidden by the brow elevation. See an oculoplastic specialist for evaluation and possible ptosis surgery.

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Facial asymmetry is normal

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and if you look carefully at everyone, we all have it to some degree.  Your photos suggest you may have more than average but its confusing as to whether you are elevating your brow or not and whether your facial animation is completely normal or not.  It would be best for you to invest in a consultation with either a board certified plastic or facial plastic surgeon for an evaluation of your concerns and anatomy and to find out if there are any simple procedures out there that would bring your facial asymmetry more into the average range.

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Uneven eyes

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Hello there are many things that can cause the uneven or asymmetric appearance you are seeing.  First it is important to determine if the bony structure around the eye or the tissue behind the eye has been changing.  This could cause one eye to look sunken or the other to look prominent.  You have have some asymtery in the soft tissue or the eyelid itself and this can cause one to look asymmetric.The first step is to seek an opinion from an oculoplastic surgeon as to the cause of they asymmetry and make sure it is not behind the eye.  But yes there are many options depending upon the cause

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