Hair loss after tissue expansion & hairline lowering. Smooth pinkish areas near the scar line; no hair growth in 8 weeks?

I had a procedure to lower my hairline 2 yrs ago. Subsequently, scar tissue formed (a large patch on the rhs and smaller patches along the HL/ on the left). Hair never grew. 8 weeks ago I had tissue exp and hairline adjustment to remove the ST. Hair fell out days/ weeks later; I'm concerned ST has formed. For instance, there is a pink smooth soft patch near the scar where hair fell out 7 weeks ago. Is it likely to be ST? what would ST look like? how long should I wait to see hair regrowth?

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Complex problems with complications

Unfortunately, without having you in front of me and fully understand what has happened to you with the various surgeries, I can not give you an opinion. As you are now under the care of a doctor who can give you advice, ask that doctor all of your questions, which see appropriate for that doctor not an internet doctor who does not know you well

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