Why is it the US seem to have genius surgeons (a lot of experience)? US offers all sorts of treatments compared to UK?

1Howcome US seem to have genius/experienced surgeons?US offers all kinds of treatments,ie.custom made jaw implants.2Howcome UK only has handful of really experienced good plastic surgeons?UK surgeons don’t offer many types treatment.3Which UKsurgeon does custom made chin/jaw angle implant?One US surgeon travels to Dubai.Would be good if US surgeons travel on schedules to London.There’s surgeons from Europe who come to London once/twice month but they mainly do facelifts/breats.Unlike US surgeons
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Good surgeons are on every continent

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Prior to my years of experience speaking overseas, I had a more closed view of the abilities of surgeons outside of the U.S.  However, given my experience interacting with surgeons from abroad, I would say that there the U.S. is not the only place with excellent surgeons.  You should be able to find experienced, excellent surgeons in the U.K.

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Experience of US physicians and medical tourism

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There are more plastic surgeons and facial plastic surgeons in practice, and residency programs in United States than abroad. There is also more demand for cosmetic surgery services within United States  than in other countries. This is the reason  it is not a good idea for patients to travel to third world countries to undergo cosmetic surgery services

Experienced surgeons

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Hi.  There are indeed plenty of excellent, experienced surgeons in the UK, in France, in Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe.  Remember that the whole field of craniofacial surgery was basically started by a French plastic surgeon.  

Perhaps American surgeons are just more verbal, and more willing to advertise!  

You might wish to look up ISAPS, and find some member surgeons that are geographically close to you.

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