Drains for textured implants?

I would like to go ahead with the mentor teardrop/anatomical implants. I've read that it is an advisable precaution to use drains with this type (being that any fluid build up interferes with the textures adhesion). My clinic does not regularly use them, though they use exclusively textured implants. Any thoughts on their necessity? Thank you,

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If the pocket dissection is precise

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you can probably get away without drains.  But logically, drains make sense when trying to keep the tissue in contact with the surface of your implant and drains will do this but they introduce a risk of infection as well.  When pockets are adjusted down to fit the shaped implant, I would think its imperative a drain be used in that situation or your implant will be at considerable risk for rotation and malposition.  But you can ask your clinic's surgeon why drains are not used when they were recommended when the implants first introduced.

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