Will my columella & nostril positions look the same to how it looked before surgery? I am 5 weeks PO closed rhinoplasty

I am unhappy my nostrils and columella base are on the same level. I told my surgeon I liked how my columella hung before surgery. He did a deviated septum correction, reduced the hump, deprojected the nose and narrowed nostrils. He insists my front appearance will look the same as before surgery. Do you think he lowered my nostrils when he narrowed it? I Wanted a European nose, and now have an African nose. Is it possible, that the swelling is what's keeping my columella up? Thank you.

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Hi there. Unfortunately 5 weeks is still too early in the recovery process to examine your results. Swelling should fully subside by 18-24 months. Please follow-up with your surgeon if you are still concerned. I wish you the best of luck!

Columella & nostril position

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It is still very early in the healing process. The level of your columella relative to your nostril ala should not change from the procedure mentioned. Please follow up with your surgeon.

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