Chemical Peels?

Hello, is there any alternatives to chemical peels? I would like to try chemical peels ( acne, spots, nasolabial folds, skin care) but they do seem a little damaging ( don't argue with me ) than the obvious.. Is there any natural alternatives? I know the recommended is Chemical Peels and Botox for treating this sort of thing and recommended for any everlasting ( and best ) results of this thing, but surely there is a alternatives out there? I cant believe chemical peels and botox is the be all

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Gentle lasers and good skin care

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There are many different types of chemical peels- starting from home peels like AHA, and vitamin A peels, to specialist peels like TCA. However, there are many gentle lasers as well, such as Genesis laser toning, Q Switch laser toning, and Clear and Brilliant Laser (mini Fraxel). All these are great starting points to refresh your skin. All the bestDr Davin Lim

Alternative to Chemical Peels

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It would be best to post photos to assess what conditions you are trying to treat with chemical peels.  Clear & Brilliant, Fraxel, eMatrix and other lasers work extremely well.  Please consult an expert of the best recommendations.  Best, Dr. Green

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