Bumps under incision after surgery

I had a thigh lift about 8 weeks ago. I have become aware of two firm bumps (approx. 1inchx1inch) under the incision area near the knee on one leg. I have an appointment to see the surgeon in a few weeks but can you tell me what may have caused this? I'm worried I might have to have an operation to remove it? I've been wearing my compression garment throughout and I rub in recovery oil daily. Thank you

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Post-op questions following a thigh lift

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Thanks for your question and the detailed description. If I understand you correctly, you have noticed two firm areas, 1inch x 1 inch, under the incision line down near the knee. At 8 weeks post-op, the two most common explanations would be a seroma or localized edema. Swelling, also known as edema, is normal after surgery and it often lasts longer in more dependent areas such as the knee area following a thigh lift. A seroma, on the other hand, is a fluid collection that requires needle aspiration or surgery. Other possibilities include a small collection of blood which would have been accompanied by significant bruising earlier in the recovery. Infection is unlikely this far after surgery and would normally be associated with redness and pain. While you're waiting for your follow-up appointment, I would recommend updating your surgeon's office by phone so that they can reconsider the timing of your next appointment.

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