Is my breast pocket cut too deep? (Photos)

I'm 8 weeks post op and my implants were placed behind the muscle. The right implant is very much in the middle and high leaving me with drooping breast tissue and awful asymmetry, has my pocket been made too far in? My left breast seems to be sat more my armpit. Is this just a poor surgery?

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are certain but without knowing where you started with, its challenging to make an objective comment.  You do have severe asymmetry and misshapen mounds... but why?  Is it your implant or your surgeon's technique?  At this point, its best to make sure your surgeon understands your concerns (and ethical surgeon's will easily recognize the issues) and focus on healing and improving your shape and symmetry.  Once healed (6 months down the road) your surgeon should have a game plan for you to help improve your results, unless they miraculously improve on their own.  Every surgeon should want the absolute best results for their patients so I hope you are able to work with your surgeon to get that 'happy ending'.

Is my breast pocket cut too deep?

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Thank you for your picture and question. It can be hard to comment on "poor surgery" as none of us know what you looked like before surgery or any details of the procedure you had. From the appearance in the pictures, you certainly have some significant asymmetry. This may improve with time as you are only 8 weeks postop, but it also may persist. I would encourage you to stay in touch with your plastic surgeon and follow his or her instructions and keep close follow up. Discuss your concerns as you move forward. 

Best of luck!

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Thank you for your question.  I can certainly appreciate the asymmetry in your breasts in your photos.  Your result will still evolve over the next few months, and, at this point, there is little you can do except wait and see if your symmetry and shape improve.  By 6 months you should have a good sense of what your final result will look like.  Be sure to keep your Plastic Surgeon in the loop as your result progresses, as he/she will be your best bet at improving the result if you do end up needing some fine-tuning.

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