A purely technical question on brow ptosis?

Lets forget about scars, and best method of eyebrow lifting for a 65 Y.O. man. My questions are: 1. Would a direct mid forehead incision no more that 3 cm long if placed in a forehead crease situated 1 cm above medial eye brow be a sufficiently long incision to lift the medial brow by 1 cm? 2. Can the above be combined with a direct lateral brow lift ? PS The midbrow point is at the right position but both the medial and lateral brow tails are ptotic.

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Direct brow lift

A direct brow lift is a very powerful operation in which you will probably get a lot of elevation for each mm of excision the closer you are to the brow. It sounds like too much by your description, and the scar may or may not heal well in that location.

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Browlifts in men

are challenging due to the lack of hair to cover scars.  My patients, similar to you, would be told a direct browlift could be done and that the redness of the scar can take long to resolve completely but it heals quite well and my patients have not complained about their results.  The length of the scar is more than 3cm going from the medial brow through the tail into the temple.  Otherwise your only other option is to have an endoscopic lift that requires the OR.  The direct browlift can easily be revised as well and always be done in the office under local.

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