4 teeth straightening options - varying from 9 to 30 months. Comments/advice needed. Thanks! (photos)

Hello, options are: 1 Remove 4 teeth to make space, then 24 months of treatment. 2 Enamel strip all teeth and either wear fixed brace for 9 months or invisalign for 2 years. 3 Enamel strip some teeth. Wear invisalign for 12 to 18 months then retainers each night for rest of my life. 4 Enamel strip some teeth. Wear invisalign for 28 months then retainers 20 hours per day for 5 years. After that, no need to wear anything. 1 & 3 are from Orthodontists. 2 & 4 = Dentists with Orthodontic training.

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Best Orthodontic Option

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Absolutely, positively do NOT choose option #1. You will regret it the rest of your life and you will be horrified by the final results. What I believe is your best option is not even listed and that would be arch development. Why amputate or strip perfectly healthy teeth when you can simply create the required space to straighten your teeth by enlarging your dental arches? Developing your dental arches can be accomplished with simple, comfortable, removable appliances in six months followed by six months of braces or slightly longer using clear aligners. This, in my opinion, is your best option. You will not only create the needed space to align your teeth but you will also increase the width and beauty of your smile and improve the health of your airway. 

Good luck! 

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