11 days post op (closed rhinoplasty). Swollen nose, bulbous tip. (photos)

I had a closed rhinoplasty 11 days ago to reduce the hump and to narrow the tip. Ever since having my cast removed I haven't been satisfied with it. The tip is still really big and bulbous and doesn't look any different to before. There is no definition from the front view either, it just looks really puffy and big. I'm glad the hump is gone and I like my nose from my profile, but apart from that there isn't much difference. Will this ever improve? I'm really unhappy.

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Not satisfied with the nasal tip 11 days after rhinoplasty

I tell all my patients after rhinoplasty the last area for swelling to go away is the nasal tip. The nose is comprised of cartilage, bone, fat and skin and when swelling occurs, the only thing that is swollen is the skin and fat. So what you are noticing 11 days out is swelling (Edema)  of the skin and fat, not of the bone or cartilage.  Do not rush to judgment so soon out after a rhinoplasty. Generally at the second week mark I will inject a dilute steroid or  Kenalog into the nasal tip to accelerate the resolution of the edema. With this technique,  95% of my patients are satisfied with their results at the beginning of the third week but  you are not even two weeks after surgery. Of course, you must return to your plastic surgeon for more definitive care and advice.Ironically,  for 11 days out, I think you're result is very nice from what I can tell from your photographs.

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