Wearing the Band but No Bra to Help Them 'Drop'? (photo)

I had 300+325cc silicone unders to correct asymmetry volume loss & ptosis. I'm in a surgical bra with a tight band over it 24/7 for 8 weeks. My surgeon worked a miracle! The early result (day6) is lovely but they are swollen and high torpedoes! I understand this is normal until the final shape & size are set. Will wearing the band to push them down but NOT wearing the bra to push them up help me achieve the kind of natural look and speedier drop I'm hoping for? Any advice greatly appreciated!

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Breast Implant Drop and Post-surgical band

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I would suggest you speak with your surgeon about this but many of us have tried and believe in bands, wraps, bras, and/or massage.  This really is the choice of your surgeon as to what works best.  Most agree with massage and time. Fewer agree with bands and wraps.  It appears you are healing appropriately and I would say to continue what you are doing and as your surgeon has advised.

How to help Breast Implants drop

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First, follow your surgeon's post operative instructions for the best result.  Healing takes time, and the massage will help.  I have seen many patients have a good response from the breast band.  This treatment should be used only if recommended by your surgeon.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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How to help breast implants drop.

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In my opinion, bras and straps have very little to do with implants dropping.  In my practice we use massage and time.  From the photos they look fine, just give them more time.

Bands after breast augmentation

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I would follow your surgeon's post operative instructions. There are many different protocols and each surgeon uses the protocol that he/she feels works best in their hands.

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