Upper Lower Eye Lid 5Wks Ago, the Right Side Outer Corner Behind Scar Sounded Like Snapped?

I had Upper& lower eyelid surgery around 5 weeks ago! As I was taking my make up off ,on the right eye at the end of scars on outer of eye, under the skin it sounded as something snapped , gave way, ? My eye waterered for sometime and was bit uncomfortable , this morning it is a bit puffy not badly puffed, on the other eye in corner at end I have spot thing under skin, any Idea what this is please. The left eye I have had no swelling but the right eye swells up a lot .

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Post Eye Lid Surgery Swelling

Thank you for your question. Perhaps a suture was left in and finally broke/dissolved.  Have the eye examined by your doctor and they can determine what occurred. I hope this helps.

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Postoperative Concern After Blepharoplasty

It is always best to see you surgeon as soon as possible if you have concerns such as you described.  Her or she knows exactly what techniques were used during the operation which is necessary information to properly evaluate this situation.

Philip E. Fleming, MD
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