Told I have ptosis but I have seen a specialist who said I don't but are my eyes due to Botox? (photos)

Hi I was told I have ptosis of the eyes and eyelashes but I passed all tests for ptosis all the measurements too with a specialist here,I did not fail test for ptosis,centre of pupil to upper lid margin was 4.5,downward gaze to upward gaze 15mm etc .please note regarding high brow,I do not lift my brow to see better i get botox which is now causing one of my eyes to leave a line of skin pulling on it.I do believe constant botox in my frontalis,glabella and crows areas have made my eyes look bad.

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Hi lj1978,

Thanks for your question and photos. You likely failed the tests for ptosis that would satisfy the requirements for the procedure to be covered by insurance. But looking at your pictures, I can appreciate some mild ptosis that may respond to a conservative ptosis repair procedure. I doubt that the botox is causing this issue with your lids but you can always stop the botox for a prolonged period and seeing if your lid position improves. If this continues to bother you, I would seek a consultation with a cosmetic eyelid specialist. 

Good luck!

Sorry, your MRD1 is not 4.5.

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However, if you were looking to have your cosmetic eyelid surgery covered by the NHS, then no you do not qualify.  Your issues are cosmetic.  You have a profound compensatory brow elevation to your upper eyelid ptosis.  Botox might make a nice difference but it is not eyelid surgery.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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