Are Tip Plasty Incisions Less Intrusive?

I still have marked asymmetry in my nostrils and tip. I have concerns about having another intrusive operation. What is the least intrusive option for aligning nostrils and possibly augmenting the tip? If i just have the nostril rims aligned (left one lowered, right one highered) could that be done without opening up my columella again? Thanks v much for advice/help.

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Tip Plasty Incisions

Typically, tip plasty incisions are not necessarily any less intrusive than other incisions, though it all depends on what your anatomy is and desired final outcome. I suggest visiting a facial plastic surgeon that has an immense knowledge in rhinoplasty procedures.

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Least intrusive method to align nostrils/augment tip

The least intrusive operation would be to do Weir wedges to align the nostrils, and possibly a filler to the nasal tip for augmenting. This would not require opening the previous columellar or rim incisions. However, you must be examined by a plastic surgeon who can determine if this approach will be appropriate in your case.

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Tip Plasty with Closed Approach

   I perform the tip plasty through the closed approach every day, but every surgeon has his or her preferences.

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