What is the Difference Between a SOOF Lift and a Temporal Lift?

I have developed drooping lateral eye lids, hollowing of cheeks, increased nasolabial folds and generally downwards appearance to my face following sudden weight loss. I have been looking at various procedures that may address these issues but I am unsure of the differences of the SOOF lift and temporal lift or which one, if any would be suitable. Any advice would be greatly received.

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Midface SOOF Lift vs Temporal Lift for Cheek Sagging

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The question you are asking is whether you would benefit by a midface lift, sometimes called a cheeklift. The midface lift is a collection of techniques that fundamentally lifts and repositions the SOOF up higher on the cheekbone and lateral orbital wall. It is done through various incisional approaches from a lower eyelid, intraoral, temporal and even higher scalp incisional approaches. This is why you are confusing a 'temporal lift' with a 'SOOF lift'. A temporal lift in the traditional sense is not going to lift your sagging cheeks but just the sagging outer eyebrow area. A midface lift often uses a temporal incision for soft tissue resuspension fixation.

Lower lid issues and procedures

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There are many different named procedures for the lower lid cheek junction.  An exam in person is best to properly evlaute you. 

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift, Temporal Brow Lift, Eyelid Surgery, Fat Grafting

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            A facelift, temporal brow Lift, upper and lower eyelid surgery, and fat grafting  may all be appropriate.  Although facelift is more commonly performed, a midfacelift may give the improvement you want.  A temporal brow lift generally takes care of lateral hooding of the upper eyelids.   Additional upper and lower eyelid surgery may be performed to address additional laxity in these areas.  In addition, hollow cheeks and deep nasolabial folds may be improved further with facial fat grafting.

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