Non surgical ways of removing baby belly. (photos)

Just wondering if any one could give me any advice on any non-surgical ways of getting rid of my baby belly. My son is now 2 but I have found it really difficult getting rid of this pouch this time. (He was my fourth child). I do a lot of exercise and eat quite a healthy diet but I just can't get rid. Btw I have just eaten in the pic so I do look a little bloated. I've heard of lots of treatments available but which ones actually work? And any way of reducing the appearance of the stretch marks?

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Nonsurgical treatments for baby belly

Hi there! There are now non-invasive options to fight belly fat. One of the most popular treatments is Coolsculpting which freezes your fat and leaves you with a more contoured body. This treatment requires no downtime. There are also treatments to combat stretch marks like Cellfina which stimulates collagen growth. I recommend looking up medical spas or plastic surgeons in your area that offer these treatments. Best of luck!

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