I've Just Had to Have Surgery on an Incisional Hernia on my TT Scar is This Normal? (photo)

I'm approx 4 months and two weeks after TT surgery and have just been back for a incisional hernia repair, the new surgeon told me it was three large incisional herniaS which he has now repaired by using mesh, is this common, is it caused by my first surgeon not doing something or possibly something I did to cause this although I was very careful

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Incisional Hernia After Tummy Tuck

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An incisional hernia after a tummy tuck is a very rare occurrence.  It is extremely unlikely that this is due to the tummy tuck as a tummy tuck does not involve operating deep enough to cause a hernia.  It is more likely the result of other reasons such as previous scars in the deeper tissues from operations such as c-sections, hysterectomies, etc..  Some people however are born with poor strength to their abdominal wall and are prone to develop hernias irrespective of the tummy tuck.

Tummy tucks do not cause hernias.

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Tummy tucks do not cause hernias. You need to get a second opinion and also discussed this with the plastic surgeon who performed the abdominoplasty.

Tummy Tuck and Incisional Hernia Repair Thereafter

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     If I understand correctly you had a tummy tuck and then a few months later had these three incisional hernias fixed with mesh.  If you did not have surgery prior to the tummy tuck, then these would have been ventral hernias.  It would be very unusual to have caused incisional hernias during a tummy tuck - I have certainly never seen it after about 500 tummy tucks.

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I've Just Had to Have Surgery on an Incisional Hernia on my TT Scar is This Normal

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I am not sure I quite follow the narrative here. An incisional hernia is by definition a hernia, or defect in the abdominal wall, that is the result of previous surgery within the abdominal cavity. As such these would have been present before the TT and a result of previous surgery within the abdomen. If your first surgeon identified these, he might have discussed fixing those at the time of TT. 

Another possibility is that these were not actual hernias but areas where the abdominal tightening that was presumably done at the time of TT was either incomplete, or failed. 

A bit more info might clarify this. At any rate, it seems that the problem has been addressed. Thanks for your question and for the posted photo, best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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