Small Arch/Small Smile/Huge Nose/After Braces?

I had 4 extractions&braces at 13 (3mm overbite at the time?) To this day(35 now) the following has bothered me : Smile pushed backwards into small arch, leading to: Musculine prominent jawline, unsupported upper lip -> "mouse look" (upper lip falling back), large chin with a profile that looks like a granny who took out her dentures. Guessing my options are veneers/ invisalign to expand the arch(Hope its an option?), but will surgery be needed to bring maxilla forward to support upper lip?

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Non extraction treatment considered equal to a face lift

There is a lot of discussion in the past few years where if teeth were extracted for treatment, it may look fine on a young teenager but as the face ages, there is increased loss of support that leads to the appearance that you describe.

So unless the profile deserves extractions, every attempt must be made to avoid any extractions.

Now that you have the problem, you might want to discuss this with a qualified orthodontist

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Problem with facial profile

Almost nobody has a perfect skeletal structure and so orthodontists have to move the teeth to hide the fact that the bones are not perfect.  With mild to moderate skeletal problems this works out OK...unfortunately, it sounds like your underlying skeletal problems were too severe. 

Get a consult from an orthodontist who does braces, Invisalign and works with oral surgeons to get the best evaluation.

Veneers or Invisalign are not going to give you what you need in all probability

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
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