Is it possible for silicone in high cohesive gel implants to leak and migrate beyond the implant capsule?

USS has indicated ruptured implant (Allergan high-cohesive gel teardrop implants, positioned under the muscle in 2007). When I had the original augmentation I was led to believe that if the implants ruptured the gel would simply split (like a gummy bear) as opposed to ooze out. I'm currently awaiting an MRI to confirm intra/extra capsular leak, as the USS radiographer was unable to tell from the images. Does anyone have any experience of this?

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MRI is the test of choice to diagnose the rupture of the silicone implant.  If they are highly cohesive implants, the material should stay inside the implant.  In older implants, the material could ooze out of the implant shell, but still stayed in the breast implant pocket capsule.

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