Sculptra - extreme puffy face and hardness at Injection sites. Massaging areas as instructed.

I had my first sculptura session three months ago, during which 2 vials were used to address my hollow cheeks. Within 3 days the swelling had subsided and my face was back to normal. Four days ago I underwent my second session, where I had an additional 1 vial divided into my lower cheek areas. My whole lower face is extremely puffy and distorted and both injection sites are hard and sensitive. I did not experience this during my first session. How long do I wait before this dissolves?

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It sounds like things are different wth your second injection. I suggest you check in with your injector to be sure this is an expected symptom. 

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Firmness and swelling 4 days after Sculptra

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This is obviously not normal and needs to be evaluated by your doctor. It could represent an infection. At 4 days, the water is reabsorbed and there shouldn't be any swelling. You should be back to baseline at day 4. It may represent bruising or swelling from the injection itself and not Sculptra, so this needs to be looked at for a number of reasons. 

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Sculptra - extreme puffy face and hardness at injection sites. Massaging areas as instructed.

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Thank you for sharing your question and congratulations on your continued Sculptra treatments.  The swelling that normally accompanies a treatment session abates in the first few days after treatment with long-term results developing weeks later as your body develops new collagen.  Extreme puffiness is not common so I would reach out to your injector to make sure you are not having a reaction.  Hope this helps.

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