Remove Crease in Eyelid? (photo)

Hello, I am looking to get a rather unique surgery, I am British born, and have a "double-fold" eyelid. However, I wish to have the crease in my eyelid removed, and then have the upper corners of my eyes turned up to look Asian. Is this possible? OR: If it is not possible to remove the crease in my eyelid, what would be the closed surgical method to giving me an oriental look?

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Bad idea

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Dear Shia.

You have very attractive eyes that fit well with the rest of your face.

Unlike the procedure to create a double eyelids for Asians, there is no good way to undo a double eyelid. Any attempt to do so would have a terrible result that would leave you very upset.

As you get older, you will appreciate your own appearance more and more.

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Caucasian To Asian Upper Eyelid Transformation - Is It Possible?

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Dear Shia, I don't blame you for wanting to have an Asian eyelid.  I agree they are very attractive.  Unfortunately, any attempt to change your Caucasian (haole) eyelid would come out strange at best, and possibly downright unattractive.  The crease in one's upper eyelid is created by small, very delicate fibers coming from the muscle and attendant tendon of the levator palpebrae superioris (the muscle that raises the upper eyelid).  The crease created by the tendon from this muscle can be relatively easily raised, but is almost impossible to lower (giving you the single eyelid).  

Changing the slant of your eyes to a more Asian configuration requires detaching a ligament at the corner of your eye (the lateral canthal ligament), drilling a hole in your orbital bone, and reimplanting the ligament upwards.  When this is done in a Caucasian eye, it also appears quite unnatural.

Therefore, my recommendation is don't attempt this surgery, I don't think you would be happy with the results.  

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