What procedure am I looking for to achieve proportionality? (Photo)

Is the nose shape I have edited to achievable? what procedures will I need to achieve such a nose? (I have made my nose flatter and more upturned and made my nostrils smaller and less bulbous) also i have pushed the bottom part of my nose backwards as it is shown with an arrow. Is that possible? and if so what kind of procedure will I be looking for? in the picture I've made my forehead rounder for better proportionality. What kind of procedure will that need? I desire a permanent result

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Nasal/forehead changes

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First off, you have a very beautiful nose! It is aesthetic and well balanced on profile view. Without additional views it is difficult to completely assess but, in my opinion, your proposed changes are all attainable. Slight dorsal reduction with tip work will provide the correction you're looking for.

With regards to the forehead it seems you have added volume to the mid portion of your brow. To achieve this look permanently would require the placement of a custom implant into this area. This would be done through a large coronal incision in your scalp and would include a significant recovery in addition to the risks of scarring, etc. Implants in this region are very seldom placed, usually to correct deficiencies following severe facial trauma.

A more reasonable alternative would be a local injection of dermal filler to provide a more convex mid-forehead region and a softer profile.

Please be sure to consult with a board certified surgeon to discuss these options. Good luck!

Washington DC Otolaryngologist

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