Open septo rhinoplasty or open rhinoplasty

I recently had rhinoplasty - my 'patient coordinator' charged me for open septo rhinoplasty. However, I dodn't have a deviated septum/bent nose so shouldn't need open septo? Or are they the same thing? Thanks

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What's the difference between rhinoplasty and septorhinoplasty?

This may just be a matter of semantics. Rhinoplasty refers to reshaping the external appearance of the nose while septorhinoplasty refers to reshaping the external appearance of the nose along with surgery of the nasal septum (the cartilage and bone structure passing front to back through the midline of the nose dividing the internal nose into right and left nasal passages). While surgery of the nasal septum is commonly performed to correct a deviated septum (septum not in the midline), septal surgery can also be performed to help straighten the external nose or to harvest internal septal cartilage to graft to the external nose to reshape, strengthen or support it. So although you may very well have only had surgery to improve the external appearance of your nose in the absence of septal deviation, technically, you may also require some type of septal surgery.

If you have any concerns, you should ask your surgeon for clarification.

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