Odd shape to implants. (photos)

I am 5 months post op textured under muscle implants. Bottom is not rounded and nipples slope down with rippling and a line from side to nipple on right breast i can feel and see the flat back of implant when leaning forward from bottom and cleavage. This is my second set of implant. My right breast feels like a deflated rubber ball i can press lumps and watch them pop back again. Feeling depressed my ps said he will see me at 12 months. i have natrelle inspira 445cc cohesive gel implant in.

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The results are not likely to improve. The textured implants have adhered to the tissue and will most likely not release. An poem capsulotomy with replacement of smooth implants will be required 

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Appearance of your implants.

Hi ninde, The appearance of your implants is fairly typical for textured saline implants. al saline implants have ripples. Your tissues adhere to textured implants which makes the ripples more visible.  The wotsening otf the ripple under the right breast is typical of saline when you bend over it is called a traction ripple, the implant is not deflating.  Your options are to switch to a smooth implant , saline will still have ripples but not quite so visible and silicone will have less ripples than saline. the implants also appear to be falling into the loose skin of the breasts so that less of the implant is actually under the muscle. If a revision is performed you may benefit from a smaller implant and makint the pocket smaller to push the implants back up under the muscle and to correct the downward pointing nipples a breast lift may be necessary. You may consider getting a second opinion because the best recommendation can be made after examining you.

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Deformed implants

You did not mention  whether you had saline or silicone gel implants.  If you have saline implants, it appears that the right one is leaking.  You also have scar capsules that will need to be dealt with surgically.  At that time, I would recommend switching to smooth shell ,overfilled (to prevent rippling) silicone gel implants.  Good luck! You have a significant problem for a "cosmetic" surgery.  You may have to find another Plastic Surgery Board Certified surgeon who knows how to deal with this, if your surgeon balks.

Paul Silverstein, MD (retired)
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