Nose job gone wrong? (Photo)

I have had a nose job one 18 months ago, 8 months later I had to have a revision due to the bone growing outwards. I have been back for my yearly review and I have been told by my surgeon I need a third review. If you look you can see the nostrils are not the same and my nose is not symmetrical. The tip is also pointed. Can anyone please advise me what to do?

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Go slowly. Don't have another operation unless ...

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... unless you can specify exactly what needs to be corrected, and find out how likely it is that another operation will correct it, and get some proof from the doctor that he has the skill to correct it.

A couple of thoughts here: From the frontal photos, it seems that the tip of your nose is low. Is your nose still long? Can I see a profile view?

Also, the asymmetry of your nostrils cannot be improved with surgery.

See the "Web reference" link, below my post here. It contains information on how to determine whether your primary surgeon should be operating on your nose again.

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