Would a Lip Lift Achieve the Look I Want? (photo)

Hi, I am a 20 year old female that is lacking confidence due to my thin lips. It makes my face seem out of proportion and I really strive to sort this out. I understand the lip lift is not a common procedure, however I cannot find an alternative. I am concerned as a lot of the before and after pictures show little effect and I want a large difference due to my top lip being virtually invisible. I would love if someone could indicate whether I could achieve the look I want with this procedure.

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Lip Fillers?

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Thank you for your question and photos!  I think you would benefit from a fat transfer to your lips!  I suggest you seek a board certified plastic surgeon.  Best of luck!
Dr Dhaval Patel Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Chicago Hoffman Estates Oak Brook

Hoffman Estates Plastic Surgeon
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Thin lips

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I think the best way to see if you like the lips augmented is to try it out with saline first. This will just last a few hours and then will be absorbed.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Chicken lips

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You have a situation wherein both lips are very thin, the upper lip projects much further than the lower lip and you have a receding chin. Both lips could be augmented as well as the chin. I prefer silicone implants. The lips could be further augmented later with various fillers including fat. 

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon

Thin Lips

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Based on the pictures posted, the lips are very thin. I would advise my patients to have fat graft to the lips, it feels more natural. May have to do it twice to achieve the results I want.

Do not recommend lip shortening.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Permanent lip implants can make such a big improvement in one's self-esteem.

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Enlarging your lips would make such a big improvement and doing it with the permanent lip implants for roughly $1500-2000 per implant would be so worth it. It is easy to undergo and you can drive yourself home since it is done under local anesthesia.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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