Large Seroma on Right Breast?

Silicone implants on the 5th Oct; over last 2 weeks a very large seroma has developed on right breast - drained last Friday - Dr told me I was very unfortunate and that it could fill up again - it has filled up again, even more and needless to say EXTREMELY uncomfortable and VERY ugly. I will get it drained again tomorrow, but wonder how many times can you keep draining these huge things and is it not possible to just put another drain back into the site. No fever or signs of infection.

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Yes the drain can be replaced, but if you can drain the seroma, and it doesn't return then the drain is not needed.


You need to ask your surgeon the same question you posted.

Good luck.


Seroma after breast implants

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Thank you for your question and sorry to hear about your seroma. There is no limit of the number of times that a seroma can be drained. However, each time that it is drained presents the risk of infection or damage of the implant. It is possible to place a drain, and if repeated aspirations are necessary, replacement makes sense. It is important to drain the seroma, as its persistence can affect the long term result.

I would suggest discussing the placement of a drain with your plastic surgeon. They will have the best idea of the options as they have been following your breasts throughout the process.

Best of luck with your breasts.

Jeff Rockmore

Seroma Drainage after Breast Implants

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   The development of a seroma may necessitate draining or aspirating multiple times.  Hopefully, this will not be the case. 


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Unfortunately every time a needle is inserted to drain this seroma we have a risk of hitting the implant.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Seroma evacuation

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Usually seromas "burn out" after a few aspirations. If it does not, you may need a drain placed.  Follow closely with your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Seroma after Breast Augmentation?

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I'm sorry to hear about the complication you have experienced after breast augmentation surgery. This type of complication can be very frustrating to both patient and surgeon.

 If aspiration attempts fail to eliminate the seroma, then  placement of suction drain should be considered.  Every intervention made ( including aspiration or placement of a drain) has its potential risks/downsides. 

 I would suggest that you continue close follow-up with your plastic surgeon and discuss the pros/cons of each type of intervention.

 Best wishes.


Large Seroma

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Sorry for the troubles you are experiences. A seroma can be aspirated multiple times, although there is some risk each time. A drain can be re-inserted, though that is usually not done at the first or second time aspirating, since often simple withdrawal of the serum is all that is needed. Trying aspiration alone the first two times makes sense to me.

Thanks for your question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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