Invisalign. One gap between tooth and aligner on top row. Has my aligner stopped tracking properly? (photo)

The tooth in the photo is on the right when looking at the photo. I have just put in tray 8 and this first happened when I put in tray 7 last week. I change my trays weekly as I'm using propel v5 (same as acceledent). I have 15 trays so am half way through. Worried that this will mean that I need to start again with modified trays. Would love some advice.

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Gap Between Edge of Tooth and Aligner

The most common cause of a gap occuring between the incisal edge of the tooth and the aligner is that not enough interproximal reduction has been done. In other words, there is not enough space for the tooth movement that has been planned. Your dentist can evaluate the situation and make small reductions of tooth structure in between the teeth, and the tooth should track as projected. See your dentist as soon as possible for this correction. Best wishes!

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